IoT Based Automated Security System

Project Overview

Internet of things also known as IoT is a system which allows communication between various devices using internet. Because of less physical labor and use of M2M (machine–to–machine) communication, IoT is now the most growing phenomenon of this era. As security is always a concern and security market worth will be $1.5 billion by 2020, IoT based automated security system will make a major impact in the upcoming years. For this purpose the IoT based automated security system has been developed and discussed in this project. IoT based automated security system is the combination of Internet of Things, home automation and different kinds of sensors which can be implemented in the real world as a complete security solution. The goal of the project has been to design and develop an automated security system by applying the technology of IoT. To develop the automation security system there are 10 modules.   The modules contain Raspberry Pi based surveillance camera (5.0 mega pixel), secure building entrance using RFID system, automatic fire detection and prevention (Gas Sensor-MQ2, can detect CO, H2, alcohol, smoke and methane gas), laser security, LDR based street light, automatic temperature control (LM35 Sensor), emergency power source (Mini IPS) and variable power supply. All these modules are applied to create a precise and powerful security system which can reduce the security threat and helpful for the mankind